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Curriculum Intent: At St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School, our intention is to provide an ambitious, broad, and balanced education which will help the children in our care to grow to their full potential. We pay close regard to the formation of the whole person, so that they leave our school strong in faith, and academically ready to make a positive contribution to the world.

Our vision at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School is to provide the highest quality of education within a Catholic ethos. Through the love of God, we nurture the uniqueness of each child, working hard using the talents God has given us for the good of other people and to achieve our best. Together, with our families, our parish and our local community, we seek to create a safe, happy school where we treat each other with love and compassion and where our children become confident and caring citizens with a passion for learning.

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Curriculum Introduction in full

Implementation, timetabling & Impact

Subject Areas

RE: Curriculum for Religious Education
English: Curriculum for English

• Core Texts: English Core Texts (inc EYFS)
• Poetry Overview: Poetry Overview (inc EYFS)

Progression Documents:
English Progression Year One
English Progression Year Two
English Progression Year Three
English Progression Year Four
English Progression Year Five
English Progression Year Six
Maths: Curriculum for Maths

2022-23 Calculation Policy

Progression Documents:
Maths Progression Year One
Maths Progression Year Two
Maths Progression Year Three
Maths Progression Year Four
Maths Progression Year Five
Maths Progression Year Six
Science: Curriculum for Science

Progression Documents:
Science Progression Document Year One
Science Progression Document Year Two
Science Progression Document Year Three
Science Progression Document Year Four
Science Progression Document Year Five
Science Progression Document Year Six
Computing: Curriculum for Computing

Computing overview

Progression Documents:
Computing Progression Document Year One
Computing Progression Document Year Two
Computing Progression Document Year Three
Computing Progression Document Year Four
Computing Progression Document Year Five
Computing Progression Document Year Six
Art & Design: Art and Design Curriculum

Art Progression
Design & Technology: Design and Technology Curriculum
Geography: Geography Curriculum

Progression Documents:
Geography Progression Document Key Stage One
Geography Progression Document Lower Key Stage Two
Geography Progression Document Upper Key Stage Two
History: Curriculum for History

Progression Documents:
History Progression Document Key Stage One
History Progression Document Lower Key Stage Two
History Progression Document Upper Key Stage Two
Music: Curriculum for Music

Progression Documents:
Reception Music Skills
Year One Music Skills
Year Two Music Skills
Year Three Music Skills
Year Four Music Skills
Year Five Music Skills
Year Six Music Skills
PE: Curriculum for PE

PE Overview
PE Progression
Phonics: Curriculum for Phonics

Phonics Progression Document
Phonics Progression
Book Bands Overview inc phonics
• See our main Phonics Page for more details
RHSE (Relationship, Health and Sex Education): Curriculum for RHSE

RSHE Skills Progression Whole School
Spanish: Curriculum for Spanish

Languages Policy