House Saints

Our houses are named after the patron saints of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales:

St George

House Colour:

Saint’s Day:
23rd April

Patron Saint of:
Soldiers, farmers & England among many others

  • Saint George was a brave soldier who fought against the Romans’ torture of Christians and died for his beliefs.

  • A story dating back to the 6th century tells how George rescued a maiden by slaying a ferocious fire-breathing dragon. The saint’s name was used as a battle cry by English knights who fought under the red-cross banner of St George during the Hundred Years War (1338–1453).

  • Lived in the 3rd century

  • Beheaded at Lydda in Palestine.

St Patrick

House Colour:

Saint’s Day:
17th March

Patron Saint of:
Engineers & Ireland

  • At the age of 16 St. Patrick was sold into slavery. He was brought to Ireland and worked as a shepherd.  At the age of 22 he escaped his slavery.

  • He is credited for bringing the religion of Christianity to Ireland.

  • Legend says that Saint Patrick used a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the Irish.

  • He died on March 17 1460AD.

St Andrew

House Colour:

Saint’s Day:
30th November

Patron Saint of:
Scotland and fisherman among many others

  • The Scottish flag is in the form of a white X on a blue background and is commonly known as The Saltire after the cross Saint Andrew died upon. (He refused to be crucified in the same way as Jesus out of respect for our Lord)

  • He was Jesus’ first disciple, and brother to St Peter.

  • Crucified by the Romans on 30 November 60AD.

St David

House Colour:

Saint’s Day:
1st March

Patron Saint of:
Doves, poets & Wales

  • St David spread the word of Christianity among the pagan tribes of Britain.

  • As a young man David become a monk.

  • David was a miracle maker: he was said to have been able to restore a blind man’s sight and bring a child back to life by splashing the boy’s face with tears.

  • David is believed to have died on 1st March 589.