It is always a joy to work with children and help them to recognise the potential they have and support them in developing into the young people that God has called them to be. All children have skills, talents, strengths in which they can excel at; we at St. Mary’s encourage children to unlock these and give the children an exciting learning experience which will help them become confident, successful citizens.

Our school is built on our school values and catholic ethos where we believe all children should be given the same opportunities regardless of background, gender, culture or religion. Our focus is on promoting positive behaviour and an exciting school experience and we have a caring team of staff who all work hard to deliver this and give all the children the opportunities they deserve.

The safety of our children and staff are paramount and we work hard to ensure that we all have a safe place to learn and work.

Positive partnerships with our parents and community are imperative for our children’s success. We need parents to read with our children daily and work with school to discuss any barriers that might impede their progress. Reading is the key to unlocking children’s potential and we will do everything we can to make sure this happens for every child.

Come and visit us in our exciting school, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss anything on our website and show you our wonderful school where the values of mutual trust, respect and a passion for learning are everywhere.

Mrs Chadbourne
Head Teacher