School Prospectus

Dear Parents,

St Mary’s is committed to providing living and learning experiences based on strong Christian values that meet all children’s needs.

We have created an environment where everyone is respected and highly valued.  We aim for each child to thrive and to develop their unique human potential as tolerant, positive, well-rounded characters with a true sense of self worth.  This will enable your child to become a successful individual for a purpose greater than themselves and, in doing so, will be of value to our global community.

 We look forward to guiding your child on their journey of faith and learning, helping them to acquire the values, knowledge and skills for a flourishing future.

Catholic Life

As a Catholic school we are part of the Church’s mission, achieved through interactions with our local Church, families and the community which we serve.  We are here to assist parent s, as the primary educators of their children, in the education and the religious formation of their children.

The encouragement of the children’s active involvement in our faith-filled community is an integral part of our life and work at St Mary’s. This ranges from the Holy Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Confirmation for our Catholic children to the development of strong social and moral values and virtues for all.

As a welcoming and inclusive school we offer each pupil an education that promotes their human growth since a vision of  education inspired by Jesus Christ is one which is concerned with the development of the whole person (social, intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional and psychological).

Teaching and Learning

At St Mary’s learning is challenging, stimulating and fun. From the very beginning children are encouraged to organise themselves and to develop a resilient approach to learning. Teachers use a range of effective strategies to develop learners with a zest for knowledge and an enquiring mind.

Through effective teaching and learning we encourage each child to stretch the boundaries of their individual ability.  As well as promoting the learning of key skills, a strong emphasis is placed on discussion, research and the use of resources to stimulate independent thinking.

The fostering of the children’s self-confidence is developed in order to help them to understand and to respond to their own needs. For those that have educational or personal difficulties we have dedicated and skilled teachers and learning support assistants who provide in-class and withdrawal support.


Our view of education celebrates the creative, physical and spiritual as much as the intellectual. We aim to provide a rich and balanced curriculum founded on the acquisition of purposeful knowledge, key skills and moral values.

Our curriculum and expectations of all learners includes experiences inside and outside the classroom and ranges from active and play based learning to more reflective and academic undertakings.  This is enhanced through educational visits off-site and residential visits offering a range of experiences and activities for our older children.

With links to other schools locally, nationally and internationally we are well placed to inform and broaden the children’s understanding of the world as a community and their part in it.  We review and revise our curriculum to keep up with our rapidly changing global environment and ensure it always reflects the image of Christ.


St Mary’s offers an education rooted in the Catholic faith but is wholly inclusive and welcomes children of all faiths.  We ask all parents applying for a place at St Mary’s to respect the school’s Catholic ethos and its importance to the school community.  This does not affect the right of parents who are not of the faith of this school to apply for and be considered for a place here.

The admissions process is part of the Warwickshire local authority coordinated scheme. The school’s admission number and criteria is set annually by the Governing Body.   If the number of applications exceeds the admission number, the governors will give priority to applications in accordance with the set criteria, provided that the governors are made aware of that application before decisions on admissions are made.

Baptised Catholic children will be afforded a higher admissions priority than non Catholic children. If there is oversubscription within a category, the governors will give priority to children living closest to the school determined by shortest distance.

School structure

St Mary’s provides for children from the age of 3 through to 11 (Nursery to Year 6).   Our ‘Little Stars’ early years unit combines Nursery and Reception children and offers flexible full-time provision for those under the statutory school age. 


The school day starts at 8.55am with children expected to arrive from 8.40 onwards. 3.20pm marks the end of the full school day.  For those children of Nursery age attending Little Stars, the morning session ends at 12am and the afternoon session starts at 1.00pm We expect all children to attend school regularly and arrive punctually. This has proven to enhance children’s experience of school life, give them a stronger sense of personal value and enhance their future chances of success.

Attendance is carefully monitored and families are telephoned on the first day of absence.  The importance of refraining from holidays during term time is also stressed as this disrupts the children’s education and often takes some time to catch up on lost time and regain a sense of commitment. 

School Uniform

We value our school uniform and logo at St Mary’s which has been designed by the children.  As well as playing a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the school, it provides us with a strong sense of identity and pride and enhances the appearance of the children and the strong reputation of the school. 

Our uniform consists of a navy jumper, cardigan or sweatshirt with school logo worn with a white polo shirt and grey trousers for boys or grey/navy skirt or pinafore for girls.  For summer boys can wear plain grey/navy shorts and girls can wear a blue and white summer dress.  PE kit for all is a white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps.


At St. Mary’s we strive to provide a positive learning environment where children are happy, confident and at ease to allow high quality learning to take place.  Of this, we are justly proud.

We encourage good behaviour in a positive way with an ethos of care, commitment and responsibility. We implement our behaviour strategies fairly and consistently and believe a healthy balance between rewards and sanctions exists. 

Extended Services

An on-site Breakfast club  exists, providing fun and educational activities. We also provide after school care until 5.15pm. on Monday to Friday on site.

The school accommodates a wide range of after school activities throughout the week ranging from the active to the creative and enters its many sports teams into local competitions.

Being part of the local community is also very important.  We work with other schools and services within the area to meet the needs of all families and to promote a cohesive community.

Parent Partnerships

We know that successful learning will be optimised when we work together.  We seek to form a relationship where parents are enthusiastic about education at St Mary’s, allowing their children to view their schooling in a positive light, and be more receptive to learning.  In short, we see parents as vital partners in the success of their children and the school.