Uniform & PE Kit

We expect to see all children in our school uniform which makes them look smart and encourages them to take pride in St Mary’s and feel that they belong to the community; it also promotes positive attitudes to learning. Our Uniform Policy is non-negotiable and we expect the full support of parents in helping us ensure every child at St Mary’s is smart and proud to be a part of our school family.


including Uniform list, pe, Footwear, LABELLING, HAIR, JEWELLERY, watches & MAKEUP rules

Branded uniform items are available to purchase from Andrew Hyde Schoolwear online at: https://ahyde.co.uk/collections/st-marys-cp-southam or telephone 0800 0590592

(please note the uniform website shows a sample logo for illustration purposes only)

Names must be clearly marked inside each item of clothing to return easily to rightful owner.

Click here to order Stikins name labels and raise money for the school.
If you use the link above and quote our school’s fundraising number 20781, we will get commission for any orders placed. Stikins are multipurpose labels that can be used on clothing care labels, shoes and dishwasher items.

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PE Notes
  • A reminder that PE kit is an extension of our uniform and rules do apply: All PE items should be proper uniform and both the PE kit and the bag containing it should be clearly named. Children are encouraged to leave their PE kits at school between washes (kits will then remain on their pegs or in their lockers).
  • Swimming Lessons: Times and the voluntary contributions involved will be advised at the start of every term. Girls should wear a one-piece swimsuit. Boys’ trunks should be above the knee. A swimming cap is highly recommended. For lessons timetabled first thing, costumes may be worn under uniform in the morning to speed changing. 
  • School Events: Your child may be selected to represent the school in events such as netball or football matches/tournaments, athletic or cross country events. Any equipment beyond PE kit will usually be provided, with the exception of Upper KS2 football, where boots and shin pads are required for team players.
  • Withdrawal: Please ensure that, if for any reason your child is unable to take part in any of the Physical Education/Swimming activities, the class teacher is notified of the reason in writing in advance.