Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Please find below all the latest school information and updates regarding the coronavirus:

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Should I send my child to school?
To help keep your child and fellow students safe, your child should not come to school if:

  • They are feeling unwell or are experiencing any coronavirus symptoms (If in doubt, book a test. If positive, isolate for 10 days from start of symptoms)
  • They have tested positive for coronavirus and are within the 10 day isolation period
  • They are sharing a household or support bubble with someone with symptoms (person with symptoms to be tested, if negative can return to usual activities; if positive, you must isolate for 14 days from last contact)
  • They have been advised by the NHS test and trace service to self-isolate or aware they are a close contact of someone who has tested positive for coronavirus (isolate for 14 days from last contact)
  • They have returned from abroad and government guidance states they need to quarantine for 14 days

If you are not sure if you child should or
should not go to school please call the school office.

Who Should Isolate?

1. I have tested positive for COVID-19Yes (for 10 days, +48hr after temperature resolves)
2. I have developed symptom and not tested yet.Yes (until you test negative, if the test is positive see above)
3. I have been told I am a close contact of a caseYes (for 14 days, unless you develop symptoms and test positive, then see above)
4. A house hold member has developed symptoms and has not tested yet.Yes (until they test negative, if test is positive isolate for 14 days)
5. A household member has been told to isolate as a close contact.No. (be vigilant, if they start to feel unwell you will need to isolate until they test and its negative)
6. I visited someone, within 2m,  who has now been told to isolate as a close contact.No. (The person was not symptomatic, if within 48 hrs of the visit they develop symptoms and test positive follow number 3.)
7. I am a close contact of someone who tested positive, I’ve got tested however and I was negative.Yes (for 14 days, unless you develop symptoms and test positive, then see above)
8. My sibling in another class and needs to self isolate due to a COVID-19 positive case in their class. I am in a different classNo. (They are not themselves a close contact of a positive case, if their sibling develops symptoms they will need to isolate)
9. My nan is unwell and I saw her 2 days ago.Maybe. (Need to check if the nan had COVID-19 symptoms,  a positive test result and whether they were a close contact. If they were none of those then no. If they test positive then follow number 3.)

Pre Summer Holidays

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