Welcome to Google Classrooms

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From Monday, children will be accessing Google Classroom to complete their online learning. Please read the documents below for guidance and instructions on how to access the virtual platform. Children are already familiar with how to log on and view weekly learning timetables and assigned work. We are excited to see what the children produce.

Southam & District Lions Poetry Competition winners 2020

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St Mary’s was delighted to be invited to take part in the Southam & District Lions Poetry Competition again this year and thrilled to have so many winners! Pupils created thoughtful, compelling and humorous poetry on themes such as winter, chocolate and nature. We were joined for an assembly by representatives of Southam Lions, and treated to a live performance of the winning poems by the poets themselves. The school was also delighted to win an overall prize of £200 – hurrah!

Everyone loves a baby!

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Earlier this week, our Big Robins, a few of our Little Robins, and the Goldfinches class, presented Everyone loves a baby! Christmas truly felt like it had arrived as our youngest pupils shared this delightfully endearing nativity musical.

‘The normally cheerful children of a Bethlehem innkeeper aren’t so sure about babies – their newly-born brother is very noisy and a bit smelly. Heading off to see their friend, the children discover news of a special and unusual baby about to be born… baby Jesus. Will they end up liking babies after all?’

I am sure that you will agree that it was a performance full of flair – we are very proud of you all!

Lights Camel Action 2! The Sequin.

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The judges have gathered their scorecards, dancers are waiting in the wings
and the audience is assembled for Lights, Camel Action 2! The Sequin.

A star-studded line-up of nativity celebrities – our talented Key Stage 2
children – gathered in the stable once again to celebrate the amazing events of
that first Christmas, retelling the incredible story of Jesus’ birth in a
celebration full of pizzazz and razzmatazz! They performed a fabulous range of
dance styles from gospel to hustle and ceilidh to conga. Bravo to our amazing

Meeting next Monday (2nd December) for parents and carers of year 2, 3 and 4 children

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You are warmly invited to attend a meeting on Monday 2nd December 2019 at 15:30 in the Kingfishers classroom, to introduce the new, and now statutory, Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)for Year 4 children, which will take place in the summer term 2020.

We would urge you to attend this meeting as it addresses a crucial component of your child’s mathematical learning.

Tea and cake will be provided, and the meeting should take no longer than 30 minutes.

So that we may plan for seating and refreshments, could you please open the link below and complete and return the reply slip to confirm your attendance.


Children’s learning log photos…

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The launch of this new ‘home learning’ initiative promised creativity, collaboration and celebration, and during our first eagerly anticipated ‘feedback week’ the children’s fantastic learning logs certainly did not disappoint! The buzz of excitement in school this week has been unmistakable as the children in each class shared their unique Learning Logs. They have been truly amazing! Click on a picture to open the gallery.

Heartwarming Harvest Festival 2019

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Mrs Price described this year’s Harvest Assembly as ‘the best ever!’ This is testament to every child who took part. 

The captive audience enjoyed:

  • Two jaunty numbers – the Harvest Hoe Down and Beautiful World – from the animated Goldfinches class. The children sang and danced  ‘heel, toe, dosey-doe’ with enthusiasm and skill. 
  • The Skylarks delivered the poem To Autumn by John Keats. Sequentially, each child recited a line from this challenging text – a literary treat.
  • The real meaning of Harvest was creatively shared by the Kingfishers class as they acted out the important message of Harvest –  EARTH,  SHARE, STARVE, SAVE, HARVEST.
  • The Robins led the finale, as they sang out two harvest songs with confidence, complete with actions – bravo Robins!

A huge thank you should be extended to all families for your generous donations to the Southam Foodbank.